Non-bank loans are very controversial, especially among people who have not used such offers so far. First of all, lack of trust manifests itself in payday loans for free, because customers look for hidden hooks in them. In fact, a free loan is a completely safe and the most beneficial product from the customer’s point of view, as it only has to pay back the amount it actually received.


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On the market of non-bank services, bad credit payday loans com form our site are the most popular. No wonder, because these products are the most advantageous group of loans that new customers are eager to apply for. Instant pay for free does not mean that you will not have to pay it back. These offers mean that no additional fees are added to the loan amount. When applying for $ 1,500, you are required to return only $ 1,500, provided that you settle all the debt within the specified period. The lending time can be determined according to your preferences, however in it is set for a maximum of 30 days. Free loans for 60 days are also available on the market, which are granted on the same terms.


How to apply for payday loans for free?

When applying for a free loan, you must consider that it is only for new customers. Only the first time you can apply for a free loan, and each subsequent one will be interest-bearing. Regular customers who reliably fulfill their obligations can count on much better offers and a flexible approach to their needs. Therefore, it is worth taking care of a good credit history and remembering to pay the debt in a timely manner so as not to expose yourself to unpleasant consequences and charging additional fees. New loans are distinguished by significantly simplified lending procedures , which are limited to several stages:

  1. Finding the best offer – the ranking, which contains the current list of the most favorable payday loans for free, can be helpful in this.
  2. Creating a customer profile – on the website of the loan company you have to set up your account, providing basic data about yourself.
  3. Selection of loan parameters – with the help of sliders you can specify the amount of the payday loan and the repayment date. For the first free loan, you can apply for a maximum of $ 1,500 for 30 days.
  4. Sending the form – in the application you must fill in data such as your name, address and income information.
  5. Passing the verification – after you have positively considered the application for a $ 0 loan, you will have to go through the identity verification process by means of a transfer, Kontomatik service or bank check.
  6. Waiting for cash – applications are processed on a regular basis, which is why in many cases you can receive money even within 15 minutes of issuing a credit decision.

In fact, that’s all to be able to receive payday pay. The whole process is limited to providing your data and confirming your identity , which significantly reduces the time to receive money. Although offers short-term payday loans, you can also find free 90-day loans on the market with the possibility of spreading them in installments.


Why did free loans come about?

Many people wonder why non-bank companies offer free short-term loans, since they do not earn anything on them. These offers are intended only for new customers, so they can check the service level and terms of cooperation with the lender. When applying for such payday loans, they can familiarize themselves with the lending procedures and check how long they will have to wait for receiving cash. Free online loans are also an opportunity to improve your credit history , as research shows that more than half of lenders pay their debts on time.

It is worth mentioning that only payday loans repaid within the deadline are free , and each day of delay means adding additional fees resulting from the interest rate. Therefore, it is important to apply for an amount that will be repayable and adapted to your financial capacity.


The first payday loan for free – who can use it?

To become a customer of a non-bank company, you do not need to meet strict conditions. The first free loan is available to anyone who applies correctly. Age, employment status and impeccable history in BIK do not matter, which is why new loans are a beneficial alternative to traditional bank loans. This offer can be used even by the unemployed with income from other sources, as well as indebted persons who need additional funds to settle outstanding obligations.


Free loan without a bank account

Free loan without a bank account

An interesting solution for people who do not have a bank account or have a debit on it is the check. Despite the online application, the verification process and payment is only carried out with the help of proof. A free loan for a bank check is granted on the same terms, except that you do not have to have a bank account. After the loan is granted, the information necessary to complete the transaction will be sent to the phone number and e-mail address provided. To do this, go to the nearest post office or post office and show your ID there to prove your identity. The cash will be withdrawn to your account so that no additional receipts will be credited to your account.


Why use a free loan?

Why use a free loan?

These offers are primarily an opportunity to test the services of the selected lender. You do not need to immediately apply for a large amount or enter into a long contract , as in the case of installment loans. Free payday loans are also an opportunity to get extra cash in crisis situations. The timely return of the debt means that no other fees will be charged to the basic amount, so you can cover the unannounced expenditure and repair your home budget.